Articulating Arm Stand with Base

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Product Description

A versatile industrial stand with adjustable counter balanced arm allowing easy, hand guided up and down movement. Heavy duty arm unit with three position mounts designed to allow maximum freedom of movements. Its stand saves valuable work space. Includes 76mm I/D focusing arm. Uses 5/8” snap-in pin mount. A friction collar with a pin secures the shaft and allows the microscope to rotate around a vertical axis

Horizontal Arm: 800mm
Vertical pole mounting diameter: Φ31mm
Focusing arm: Holder ring Φ76mm
Length of vertical pole:16 1/2″
Collar size: Φ32mm
Horizontal movement: 235mm
Base: Square 15″ x 10 1/4″ x 1″
Shipping Information: 13’’ x 21’’ x 17.5’’-30lbs