Accu-Scope Clinical Microscope

Engineered for clinical and classroom applications, ACCU-SCOPE’s 3003 Series is equipped with sharp, high contrast objectives on a rugged, die-cast aluminum frame designed for years of heavy use.

Trinocular option is also available.

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Product Description

Superb Optics, Durable and High Performance

The ACCU-SCOPE® 3000-LED Microscope Series delivers outstanding optical performance, value and resolution to meet the exacting standards of life science professionals and students. With a newly designed infinity plan optical system, a best in class 20mm field of view and a super-bright 3 watt LED illuminator, the 3000-LED Series provides high contrast images with outstanding resolution, precision design and enhanced illumination.

Digital Imaging Simplified

Integrating the 3000-LED Series with our Micrometrics® digital cameras and imaging software offers users outstanding results and unprecedented value for image documentation. Micrometrics® cameras provide excellent color reproduction and fast frame rates to meet the needs of today’s life science professionals. Micrometrics® software provides users with an intuitive and comprehensive system for image capture, measurement, annotation and report generation. Images can be easily emailed, shared, compared or stored for archival purposes and future reference.

Ease of Viewing

Newly designed plan achromat focusable eyepieces, with a large 20mm field of view allow users to see more quickly.

Optical Excellence

ACCU-SCOPE’s new infinity plan objectives provide users with high resolution, high contrast objectives at an affordable price. Objectives are available in plan achromat and plan phase configurations.


A super, bright white LED light provides over 15 years of illumination saving time, energy and the cost of replacement bulbs.