Meiji LED Bino Incident/Transmitted Light BF/DF Metallurgical Microscope

MT8500 is a versatile, modular ergonomic metallurgical microscope system. Newly designed Plan EPI optics provides exceptionally bright, crisp images with good color rendition and superior flat field of view.
Metallurgical Brightfield /Darkfield Compound Microscope. Eyepieces adjustable vertically from 10°to 50°degrees. Incident (Reflected) light BF/DF and Transmitted light BF/DF and simple Polarization Observation. ∞ Infinity Corrected optical system F-200MM. Vertical Köhler illuminator, with infinity tube lens, focal length 200mm, 12V 50W Halogen lamp or LED with clear blue, clear green, ND 25, neutral density filter, and polarizing filters in metal mounts and Transmitted Kohler 6V 30W Halogen or LED and simple polarization with quintuple nosepiece and auto voltage sensing power supply 110-240V.

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Product Description

The MT8500 Series features include:

  • Super Widefield 10X, High Eyepoint Eyepiece, Field No. 22, O.D. 30.0mm
  • Ceramic Coated, flat-top stage, 191mm X 126mm with 100mm X 100mm travel.  Equipped with precision ball bearing quides and low positioned drop down coaxial controls for X-Y movement and 94.5mm circular glass insert stage plate. (Included in Model MT8520 and MT8530) (Factory Installed)
  • The MT8500 Series Metallurgical microscopes is equipped with either Siedentopf type binocular or Siedentopf type trinocular viewing head, inclined at 30°and rotatable through 360° for comfortable viewing.  Optional tilting ergonomic Binocular head adjustable from 10°to 50°is available.
  • Nosepiece large smooth operating with mounting threads of 26.0mm
  • Infinity corrected, Plan EPI Brightfield /Darkfield Objectives
  • Vertical illuminator with full Koehler design equipped with 12 50W Halogen light source or LED, field iris, aperture iris and filter slots.  Capable of brightfield, darkfield or simple reflected polarization technique.  Includes blue clear, Green clear, Neutral density (DN50) filters in mounts.
  • Automatic voltage sensing (100V-240V) power supply and variable rheostat control are supplied in a separate case.  Transmitted light Koehler illuminator with 6V 30W halogen lamp, automatic voltage sensing transformer and intensity control are built into the microscope base.
  • Ergonomically low position focusing controls allow the operator to work their forearms relaxed on the working surface, range of travel is 23mm and rotation of fine focus is 0.2mm per revolution.
  • Triangular footprint design, maximizing comfort of user 263mm (D) x 176mm(W)