A large part of our business is serving Veterinary clinics. We understand that a minor problem with your microscope is a major problem for your practice. Quarterly microscope maintenance is recommended for vet clinics, due to the dander in the air, nature of the slides, and heavy use of immersion oil. LGS provides regular maintenance plans specifically designed for veterinarians.

• Our plan includes 4 quarterly Preventative Maintenance (PM) services for the price of 3
• Plus, complimentary bottle of lens cleaner (Enough to last one year, for your daily cleaning)
• Detailed report after each PM so your clinic is up to date on the condition of your equipment.
• We book/bill for the entire year up front, so that you don’t have to worry about scheduling/payments for a full 12 months.


These clinics have graciously offered to provide references! They have all been on our annual plan for some time now.

Pecan Grove Veterinary Hospital


Dynamite Animal Hospital


West Olive Animal Hospital


Each PM Includes:

• Minor repairs
• Inspect and clean eyepieces/objectives
• Remove immersion oil from lenses
• Inspect and clean head
• Inspect and clean illuminator/ condenser/ filters
• Inspect aperture and field diaphragms
• Inspect, clean, lubricate and adjust stage
and zoom mechanisms (as needed)
• Align and clean condenser
• Verify quality of image through all objectives
• Clean camera coupler (if applicable)

We also offer a variety of new Veterinary microscopes.

LGS offers a vast selection of components, custom systems, and everyday solutions. For information and pricing for your specific request, contact us here.