Meiji Trinocular Turret/Zoom Gem Microscope

The GEM Series of professional gemological microscopes are based on Meiji Techno EM Series stereo microscope bodies. These gem stereoscopes have earned Meiji Techno a great reputation for excellent optics, rugged dependability, versatility, and economy that no other manufacturer can match. Choose from zoom bodies or turret bodies mounted on a full-sized gem stand that offers powerful darkfield transmitted illumination suitable for photomicrography. Systems are equipped with a 2-stage fluorescent incident illuminator useful for viewing inclusions. All models are available in either 115V or 220/240V. All GEM Series microscopes come with dust covers, and rubber eyeshields.

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Product Description

Superb Optics:
Multi-coated optical components, free form chromatic and spherical aberration, provide crystal-clear, high resolution images. The Greenough optical design provides superior erect, unreversed, stereoscopic images, rich in contrast, brightness and correct in their original color.

Rugged Dependability:
All-metal aluminum alloy microscope bodies and components with chemical resistant finishes guarantee stability and rugged dependability for a lifetime of day-in and day-out use. Superior craftsmanship, quality components and materials result in long-lasting, high-performance products.

Ergonomic Design:
All GEM Series stereo bodies feature adjustable diopter tubes and interpupillary distance adjustment. Observation tubes are inclined at 45° for convenient fatigue free viewing. All GEM Series feature tilting bases for additional user comfort. A choice of a continuous magnification Zoom stereo body or a two-power Turret type stereo body. Optional eyepieces, supplementary lenses, 35mm and video camera components allows the user to design a system to fulfill their specific requirement.